• Conan Exiles

    Conan Exiles is an open world survival game.
    ZPX contribution to this title develop by Funcom includes the production of 3D assets, textures and the setup of Unreal Engine materials.

    • Skills:

      • Substance Painter
      • Z-Brush
      • 3DS Max
      • Maya
      • Unreal Engine
  • Mickey's Magical Math World

    We’ve worked on educational games for children using some of the well-known Disney Imagicademy. Unity 3D was the game engine that supported all the educational games we’ve worked on for iOS

    • Skills:

      • Unity Engine
      • iOS
  • Alvazil

    Medieval cooperative HTML5 browser game based on the defensive line along the Mondego river (Portugal) during the Christian reconquest.

    • Skills:

      • Construct 2
      • HTML5, JS and CSS
      • NodeJS
      • MySQL
      • Amazon cloud services
  • Bio+Sintra

    Bio+Sintra is a game available on web, facebook and multimedia kiosks to promote the importance of biodiversity, the reduction of carbon footprint and the 10 environmental key values of the natural park of Sintra-Cascais - Portugal.

    • Skills:

      • Unity Engine
      • HTML5, JS and CSS
      • Play Framework
      • MySQL
  • SimDoctor

    SimDoctor is a platform for education and training in the field of medicine based on interactive clinical cases.
    A disruptive concept of medical simulation in real-life context, which allows: direct interaction with a virtual patient, decision-making and subsequent evaluation in “real time”, self-assessment tools and training adapted to individual learning pace.

    • Skills:

      • Unity Engine
      • NodeJs
      • MongoDb
  • SimBody

    Simbody is an interactive simulator that educates people on how to mitigate the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
    Besides showing the contribution of each decision towards the risk of cardiovascular diseases, it offers contextualized lifestyle advices and depicts the progression of atherosclerosis.

    • Skills:

      • Unity Engine
  • Cascais 3D

    Virtual tour available on the Web and multimedia kiosks to promote the natural and historical heritage of the natural park of Sintra-Cascais – Portugal.

    • Skills:

      • Unity Engine


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  • Serious Games
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  • Interactive applications
  • Educational applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Art Production


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